To ensure that your home purchase is successful... we will:

  • Arrange for loan pre-qualification, at no cost to you, to identify your price range and discuss types of financing that will fit your needs. 
  • Show you properties in your price range which meet your specific criteria, until we find the right home for you!
  • Handle negotiations between you and the seller, to achieve a "meeting of the minds".
  • Recommend qualified professionals (inspectors, attorneys, lenders, moving companies, etc.) to help you through the transaction.
  • Be present during the inspections at the home.
  • Monitor and facilitate the completion of all inspections, appraisals, board approval and loan commitments within the time frame specified in the purchase contract.
  • Furnish you with a list of service providers (i.e. utility company, water, garbage, telephone, day care, schools, cable television, etc.)